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Curses Walle… 

  1. I like my metabolism and what’s left of high-school athleticism for keeping me fit, healthy, and capable of consuming mass quantities of delicious food. 
  2. I like that I enjoy living, dressing, and traveling simply and efficiently. 
  3. I like that I am a quick reader and capable copy editor. 
  4. I like that I am helpful. 
  5. I like that I can love and be loved in return. 

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Back On The Ground Reporters in Ferguson, Missouri


In case you need an antidote from the mainstream media coverage, the startup Beacon is crowdfunding journalists in Ferguson right now. Thus far, they’ve raised more than $3,600, and some of their citizen journalists have shown up on TV to talk about their coverage. More info on how it works over this way.



i think once amnesty international sends a human rights team that should tell every person in power that’s sitting on their hands that continued oppression and abuse is happening in ferguson


This is nuts. This is absolutely nuts. I’ve lived in this country so long with the very clear, constantly hammered-in image that this is a First World Country. A country where Third World Problems don’t happen.

It’s so weird to be living in an age where people in <i>Gaza</i> are tweeting <i>us</i> tips on dealing with police oppression. An age where the UN is auditing <i>us</i> instead of us petitioning for them to audit some third world country with oil.

I know we grew up in rich tech-populated California foothill suburbs, but I didn’t think we were so privileged to really believe the U.S. was the “shining city on the hill,” a “First-World Country” immune from and free of the problems of the “Third World.” Not that Ferguson isn’t a situation meriting such closer scrutiny, but it’s hardly the first, or anywhere near the worst. The shock you hear emanating from abroad is a result of Ferguson’s juxtaposition (of questionable benefit, and courtesy of 24-hour television cycles and social media) between America’s reputation for wealth and security on the one hand, and the wartime footage we’re more accustomed to seeing throughout the Middle East on the other. Warrior cops and the now-infamous 1033 program? Highly worrying, but also old news

Not really disagreeing with your points, but I’m shocked at our endless capacity to be shocked anew by long-term trends and events that are hardly their culminations, let alone worthy of the apocalyptic “Breaking News” bulletins flashed across the cable networks. Meanwhile, Gaza’s ceasefire rests on tenterhooks, Syria and Iraq are the same dreary background noise they’ve always been (punctuated by Navy and drone airstrikes), Ebola is so last month or surging across our borders with the illegals, depending on who you ask, and—oh right, those coyote-smuggled minors in camps, whatever happened to them since Congress shot down successive attempts to fund their processing? MH17? Russia and Ukraine dancing to the edge? F-35/OCO/NDAA? Chinese naval aggression and territorial ambitions? Afghanistan’s election/financial crisis, anyone? Oh wait, lemme dump a bucket of ice water on myself. Wonder how Sgt. Bergdahl's doing. 

Compassion fatigue much? I think so. 


July 21, 1943: An M-7 tank, on its way to be inspected by Mayor Fiorello H. La Guardia and then put on display. The tank was lauded for its success routing the Axis forces out of Sicily and North in “Operation Husky,” and, as The Times reported, was “known to the British forces as ‘the priest,’ because of the pulpit-like appearance of its anti-aircraft gun mount.” Photo: The New York Times




In the early morning of 17 June 1939, Eugène Weidmann bowed down before the blade of the guillotine, the last person to do so publicly.

Weidmann was the last person to be executed before a crowd in France. He had been convicted of multiple kidnappings and murders, including that of a young American socialite. His trial was a sensation in that tense summer of 1939; the Frankfurt-born Weidmann was quickly dubbed “Teutonic Vampire” by the tabloids. His execution outside the prison Saint-Pierre in Versailles was a noisy affair.

In the days following the execution, the press was especially indignant at the way the crowd had behaved. Paris-Soir denounced the crowd as“disgusting”, “unruly”, “jostling, clamoring, whistling.” Among the sins the lofty paper found unforgivable was the crowd “devouring sandwiches”. More shockingly for the authorities, the unruly crowd delayed the execution beyond the usual twilight hour of dawn, enabling clear photographs — and one short film! — to be taken. The government regretted that public executions which were intended to have a “moralizing effect” now produced “practically the opposite results.” President LeBrun signed an order to hold executions only behind closed doors. (Via Iconic Photos)

(Source: Tywkiwdbi)

But injections are so sterile! If we’re going to kill a man, you might as well KILL the man. Rather than the invisible naptime-snuff of a syringe, let’s go back to the chopping block.


worldiary replied to your post “Edge of Tomorrow: Best Movie, Summer 2014 Calling it now. You heard…”

Really? The previews looked kinda lame.

All I can say is do not judge it by the trailers, they’re awful and I totally dismissed it initially because of them. Then it caught everyone by surprise (89-92% on Rotten Tomatoes!), with Jason Bailey at Flavorwire asking: “Why Isn’t Director Doug Liman a Household Name?" Much as it pains me to admit it, this film easily topped Gareth Edwards’ excellent Godzilla (I’ll have reviews out on both shortly inshallah). 

Last night I had a very difficult conversation…

My roommate and his friend invited me to hang out with them last night. We laughed a lot while getting acquainted over beers, and then around midnight we decided to go out for pizza (really good NY pizza place around the block). Eventually the Isla Vista shooting came up. My roommate’s friend attributed it to mental illness, and it started to hit me how sheltered I really am. 

"Uh no, it wasn’t just mental illness—" I began. 

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