Saturday, July 13, 2013

Apple Unearthed A 15th Century Hospital, And Is Building A Store On Top Of It




When Apple’s flagship Spanish store opens, it will have ancient ruins in its basement.

Apple had considered preserving the hospital’s walls by placing glass panels on the floor of its store but it abandoned that idea because of the ruins’ lack of interesting visuals.”

Well at least they’re not demolishing the walls. 

This is why I cannot Apple. They just have this aura of a snooty, ungrounded company. Microsoft holds an event where they send *all* their interns out to volunteer at various places. And on top of that, they pay said companies $17/hr per intern to match their intern’s donations. They do the same for full timers. If a full timer donates to a non-profit, Microsoft will match that amount. If the full timer volunteers, Microsoft will match by paying $17/hr for their work. Yes, Microsoft has a bad rap for some of the shit that it pulls, but the culture that I’ve seen at this company is really warm and caring about the world around it. Even if it is a huge corporation that, as a corporation, cannot and will not always align it’s practices with the morals of people. But it amazes me that Apple gets away scot- free when they do some even more ridiculous bull.

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